Team Building for Productivity

Does your staff groan at the mention of “team building?” Have you run out of ideas for meeting your team building goals? In this post, we will talk about what is team building, why it is important and ideas for creative team building that your staff will love!

Team building is the process of forming bonds and connections so that the team can cohesively work towards a common goal. It doesn’t matter if you run a fast food restaurant or a corporate business like Amazon, team building is important for every business big or small in order to achieve its goals. Before deciding what team building exercise will work best, it’s important to establish your goal.

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Looking at your business, what common goal does each employee need to focus on? Is it customer service? Retention? Recruitment? Productivity? Oftentimes identifying the goal can lead to team building events that increase the successful outcome of that goal.

Let’s take the goal of recruitment to use as an example. You want your team to excel at recruiting new customers. Perhaps some members are performing better than others. One way to get everyone on the same page is through hosting a competition both in the office and as a team building exercise outside the office. In the office, offer an incentive at the end of each month for the person who has recruited the most. Before launching that incentive, host a group outing to an ax throwing place or a bowling alley for some friendly competition.

Suppose your team recently received poor reviews in the area of customer service. There can be many reasons for that including burn out, lack of training and difficult customers. There are many facilities that host cooking classes for groups. Why not have a team building exercise of cooking a meal and serving it to family members? This allows the team to work together on a common goal and practice good customer service while serving family members, the harshest critics.

A team helping each other up a mountain

Suppose productivity is down and the cost of yet another team building activity seems daunting. Why not embrace the great outdoors? Plan a hiking excursion where you forge for various plants, berries, etc. Work together to get even the least fit person to the end of the trail. 

As you can see, team building is a vital part of keeping employees on the same page to attain common goals. Sometimes it takes thinking outside the box to find the right activity. Brainstorming sessions can be a great way to team build as long as all members get a chance to participate.  Have you ever considered a salt therapy session as a means of team building?

a women's hand pouring white salt with pink salt in backbround

Salt therapy is natural and safe with no harmful side effects. The negative ions of salt have been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue. The health benefits of salt will help keep your team members in the office rather than at home sick.

In conclusion, regardless of your team building activities, healthy lungs, clear skin, an enhanced immune system and stress reduction are essential for vitality, energy and longevity in the workplace. Healthy employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to miss work. So what are you waiting for? Book your corporate salt therapy event today!


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