Salt Therapy for Athletes

Optimize Your Athletic Performance with Salt Therapy

Sports today are more competitive than ever. Allergies, pollution, and asthma are common factors that hold back athletes from achieving their best. Even in optimal health, if you don’t have good lung capacity, you aren’t reaching your athletic potential. Halotherapy, salt room sessions, can increase lung capacity for athletes and lead to increased stamina and endurance. Living in the bluegrass state has its disadvantages when it comes to allergens. Fresh blooming flowers and trees with ever changing weather patterns can slow down even the most athletic person. The best way to combat those allergens without drowsy medication is to keep your nasal cavity clean. 

Pollution has increased through the years with increases in travel and human population. Cleaning products, disinfectants, vehicle exhaustion and factory pollution all contribute to one’s lung capacity. Periodic cleansing of one’s lungs can increase performance and energy. Both pollution and allergies can lead to lifelong asthma. Cleansing your lungs can improve your oxygen level and optimize your breathing pattern. Increasing your lung function leads to better performance.

Man breathing more oxygen


Salt therapy (halotherapy) takes place in a spa-like atmosphere to promote relaxation and steady breathes. A halogenerator grinds and disperses salt into the air. That salt is inhaled in the lungs, sinus cavity and on the skin. As an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal mineral, it captures whatever slows you down reducing build up of mucus and tissues. By opening these passages, your lung function and breathing pattern improves. More oxygen in the lungs leads to increased stamina and endurance.

So if you’re looking to take your athletic abilities to the next level, consider a consistent protocol of salt therapy. There are many options out there to improve performance but salt therapy is one of the few without any side effects. Ready to give it a try? Schedule your first session with us at

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