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Whether it is a salt session, infrared sauna, essential oil protocol or earthing session, we want to help you find your ultimate health in Nicholasville, KY.

B. Holoka

Absolutely loved it! You go into a room filled with salt rocks and the music is so calming. It's a relaxing 45min session. Within 10 minutes my sinuses were opening up and I could definitely feel a difference. I bought a lamp on the way out! Will definitely go again.

Scott R.

Folks this is the place right here. There is nothing like this in the bluegrass so you got to come out and support. The owner, Tiffany, has a great smile and a powerful story, the rooms are clean and unique, and it works well with your energy. You can trust me here because I'm the city's top acupuncturist and I know good vibes when I feel them. Plus you can get good deals on lamps and stones. Support alternative health options!!

Holly Bebout-Taulbee

so peaceful and relaxing. I have pneumonia and been on antibiotics for a week and not feeling any better. Desperate to be well again I tried this out. I coughed up so much stuff later that day it felt amazing and I could breathe a bit better. My son is 7 and came with me. He has allergies and it helped him as well. We played in the salt sand together. Definitely worth it. getting well again and spending quality fun time with my mini me. can't wait to do it again. 100% recommend for children with asthma and allergies and to anyone with respiratory, sinus, or immunity issues. The owner was very knowledgeable and so friendly. Looking forward to another session.

Judy Strassburg

All of my adult life, I have suffered with chronic sinus infections which leads to bronchitis which leads to pneumonia! Last year I visited the salt room approximately once every 7 to 10 days and I did not get sick last year! I can't express how much it helps me!!

Noralynn White

I was skeptical...and I am so happy that I went!!! I had a fantastic experience and will definitely be going back on a regular basis!

Anna Eudy

The salt room was the most relaxing 45 minutes I have had in a very long time. I felt very refreshed afterwards. I have terrible allergies and I feel my breathing is much easier. anyone worth bad allergies should check it out!

Nishaan Sandhu

LOVE! Lexington, we are so lucky to have the Bluegrass Saltroom and infrared suana! Therapeutic in so many ways -- a quite escape to unwind, relax and meditate -- especially helpful for highly sensitive people. Mineral absorption from the Saltroom seems to have helped expand lung capacity and invite ease to breathing --- as well a reduce allergic response. The infrared sauna has been such a wonderful addition (yes!)-- seems to be especially helpful for sluggish circulation. Thank you for sharing your space and intention with us in Lexington, Bluegrass Saltroom!

Holly B.

So relaxing. It helped me with my upper respiratory illness and my sons allergies. I definitely recommend anyone with asthma and allergies do this to help survive the pollen. Services was great! They explained everything to us and gave my son toys to play with in the salt room. This is great for short term and maintenance of respiratory and allergies.

Juliianna Charnigo

I have gone to this establishment a number of times, including several times when I have been struggling to get over a bad cold. It is very relaxing, and when I have congestion it helps me cough it up later in the day. Highly recommended!