It’s a New Year and a new you!

Did you know that exercising more and losing weight are the two most common New Year’s resolutions? Why is that? It’s simple, we all want to be healthy and feel our best. Those extra pounds make us feel lazy and unmotivated but how do you accomplish this resolution? It begins with your health!

It’s common knowledge that extra weight puts you at a greater risk for heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, among other things. Diet fads plague our commercials and advertisements. Pyramid schemes for weight loss supplements seek out eager customers promising them bikini results. Maybe you’ve tried them all or just a few. Either way, the key to weight loss isn’t as simple as a few pills. 

The key to weight loss is burning more calories than you consume. Sounds easy doesn’t it? You can take all the supplements in the world but if you’re consuming more than you are burning, you’ll be spinning your wheels. Most diets leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied which is why they often fail. So let me suggest the opposite approach. Instead of restricting what you eat, add ways to burn it. Exercise, cleaning the house, and yes sleeping, all burn calories but the key is to do more of them than the calories you consume. Another way to burn calories is through sweating.  Sweating itself doesn’t burn calories but your internal cooling mechanism does. Layer on those clothes while you clean the house, take a vigorous walk with a warm jacket and jump into our Infrared sauna!  

drawn image of person sweating

Once you start burning more calories, you’ll find your appetite curbing.  At that point, take a look at your macronutrients (macros.) There are three categories of macros that give you energy; They are carbohydrates, protein and fat.  Balancing those three categories will fuel your body with the energy it needs to lose weight. Just search google and you’ll find macro counters and meal plans that do the work for you.  Macro counting doesn’t restrict what you eat, rather it tells you the balance you need to maintain or lose weight.

Picture of carbs, proteins and fat macronutrients

If you resolved to lose weight this year, start by booking a sauna session. Work on improving your health so you can burn calories. Once you’ve started burning calories, dial in your macronutrients to make every calorie count. Make this year the year of health!

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