Is Halotherapy right for me?

Salt therapy can provide preventative and long term relief for just about everyone!

What can I expect inside the salt room?

Our salt room is covered in thousands of pounds of beautiful pink Himalayan salt. The room’s temperature and humidity is maintained for optimal treatment conditions. Temperature ranges from 68-72 degrees.

What should I wear inside the salt room?

Please come in comfortable clothing and refrain from wearing perfumes or any scents, as other people may be sensitive or allergic. You will be provided a bouffant hair cover, to protect our salt floor from loose hair particles, which must be worn at all times inside the salt room. You may enter the salt room barefooted or if you prefer to keep your shoes on, shoe covers are available and must be worn at all times inside the salt room.

How long is a Halotherapy session?

Adult sessions are 45 minutes.
Shorter, 30 minute sessions are scheduled for children age 12 and under.

How many Halotherapy sessions will I need?

To achieve best results, the following courses of Halotherapy are recommended:

To support respiratory health: 12-15 sessions completed within 30 days and repeated up to 4 times per year.
To support skin health: 15-20 sessions completed within 30 days and repeated up to 4 times per year.
To support the immune system and general wellbeing: 2 sessions a week for 4-5 consecutive weeks and should be repeated up to 4 times per year.

Every individual responds differently to salt therapy and therapeutic results may vary. Experience depends on the type and severity of the condition. Fewer sessions may be needed for symptom relief from the common cold, cough, sinus and ear infections. It is possible to feel improvement after just one session, but completing a series of Halotherapy sessions is recommended for longer-term results.

Are there side effects?

Salt therapy has very few side effects that rarely occur. In some cases individuals have reported a slight skin irritation that disappears after a few sessions. Coughing or a tickle in the throat is not uncommon especially when a lot of mucous is present in the respiratory tract. This is the body’s way of draining mucous buildup.

When should Halotherapy be avoided?

In some cases salt therapy is not recommended:
• When a high fever is present
• Clients who have or have had tuberculosis
• Clients who are intoxicated
• Clients who are coughing up blood
• Clients currently undergoing chemotherapy
• Chronic kidney disease

Should I stop using my prescribed medication during Halotherapy?

No. Salt therapy is a complementary therapy option for individuals and not a replacement for medical treatment. Advice and prescription medication from your doctor should always be followed. Halotherapy is all natural and does not have interactive effects with medications so there is no need to stop any prescribed medications.

Will other people be in the salt room with me?

Yes. Our salt room can accommodate up to 4 people during a session.

Should I worry about catching illnesses from other people?

No. In our salt room the walls and floor are covered with salt that creates a virtually sterile environment. One of the natural properties of salt is that it absorbs bacteria. Surfaces in the salt room, such as chair armrests, are wiped frequently. Ventilation takes place, in scheduled time intervals, throughout and after each session so fresh air is always available.

Can I bring my cell phone or other electronics into the salt room?

No form of electronic devices should be brought into the salt room. Cell phone conversations should never take place inside the salt room. Bluegrass Salt Room cannot be responsible for any damaged electronics. Lockers are provided to house all of your electronic devices.

Can Halotherapy help if I don’t have any respiratory or skin conditions?

Yes, absolutely. Salt therapy can be used as a preventative measure against colds and allergies and to help strengthen the immune system. Salt therapy may help athletes looking to enhance their performance by increases lung capacity. Salt releases negative ions into the air that helps with stress reduction and promotes relaxation. For these purposes, sessions can be taken as many times as desired and as often as you like.

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