1. Due to the nature of the therapy we do not offer online booking, but an appointment is required to enjoy the Salt Room. Please call our office to schedule your appointment (859) 425-1111
  2. Adult Salt Therapy sessions are 45 minutes in length.
  3. Shorter, 30 minute Kids-Play sessions are available for children age 12 years and younger.
  4. Every session begins promptly on the hour. You will need to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time to fill out a consent form, use the restroom, secure a locker, and learn about the therapy room.
  5. Electronic devices are not permitted inside the Salt Room. A secure locker will be provided to house these items during the session.
  6. Patrons need to be fragrance free to enter the salt room. Please avoid heavy scented perfumes, body lotions, essential oils, and refrain from smoking before your appointment.
  7. The Salt Room is dimly lit for your relaxation. Bringing reading material is not recommended.
  8. Dress comfortably for your appointment. Really, whatever you plan on wearing for the day will be fine! Bathing suits are not appropriate attire. Room temperature is a comfortable 72 degrees and blankets are provided if desired.
  9. The Salt Room has a fine grind pink Himalayan salt floor, similar in texture to walking on sand at the beach. You can choose to remove your shoes and walk barefoot on the salt (that’s what we recommend) or shoe covers will be provided if you choose to keep your shoes on.
  10. Hair bouffants will be provided and should be worn in the Salt Room at all times.
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