A New Generation of Therapy

The unique breathing environment found inside European salt caves is now accessible in your community with the technology of Halogenerators. By mimicking a salt cave's natural microclimate the controlled parameters in our Salt Room can help cleanse the airways, lungs, and sinuses.

Benefits of Halotherapy

Halotherapy provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties specifically targeting the respiratory tract, lungs, sinuses, and skin that can help prevent sickness and build up the body's natural defense system. Negative ions emitted from the salt may improve energy levels, focus, and reduce stress.

Allergy Season

Did you know that nearly 40 million Americans suffer from indoor/outdoor allergies every year? Our allergen free environment provides relief by reducing inflammation of the respiratory tract and widening the nasal passages causing the sinuses to drain.

Salt animal licks available

New selection of salt lamps and salt decor have arrived and are available in store

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes perfect for home and office use. Salt lamps provide the cleansing properties of air purifiers and work to remove dust, mold spores, allergens and smoke from the air surrounding them. Negative ions released from Himalayan salt lamps increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; Resulting in improved concentration, higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. They also, increase levels of serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost energy. The soothing apricot glow is a beautiful night light for the bedroom and living room. They make a perfect gift for any occasion.